Capturing The Fabulous ’50s

Clinging to beautiful, elegant men, the girls worked their glamorous gowns, pouting their sultry red lips and batting their luscious long eyelashes in such a way that instantly commanded attention. With the help of talented makeup artists, stylists and photographers, we were transported to the ’50s, where alluring women exuded undeniable confidence. For a few hours, we truly were in Old Hollywood.

On January 31, I left school early to join Olivia on a photo shoot at America’s Production Company in Boca Raton with photographers Jean Dumas and Craig Jeffry. They held the shoot for the unbelievable (and super secret) project their working on, and in the process they were helping makeup artists, hair stylists and fashion stylists gain more exposure. It was only my second photo shoot, but I felt so comfortable there. Olivia claims I’m getting lucky: Despite rumors of the industry I was getting into, I’ve been surrounded by the sweetest people. Everyone was laughing and bobbing their heads to the Katy Perry playlist blaring from a laptop. Early on, I felt I was with old friends.

When I arrived, I saw a gorgeous model channeling the iconic Marilyn Monroe (and quite convincingly, might I add). With her coiffed blond hair and sleek black gown, I was digging the look. What can I say; I’m a sucker for old Hollywood glamour. Riffling through the racks, stylist and all-around fun guy Louis Calveiro explained that all the dresses, though different designers, came from La Casa Hermosa, a fabulous boutique that caters to everything from prom to pageants to weddings. Though, I had to fight the urge to try the dresses on. In the midst of searching for my own prom dress, I found inspiration in the embellished, colorful gowns as well as the elegant, lacey ones. Each one fit the models like a glove, including Olivia, who volunteered the intricate bridal gown and proved that she’s not only meant to be behind the scenes.

The photographers were some of the most diligent I’ve ever seen. They worked well into the evening, making sure they had the most variety possible. While we were all tired, everyone still wore smiles, all exchanging business cards. As the models shimmied out of their gowns, I knew I had to leave my old Hollywood fantasy behind and go back to the real world.


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