Medieval Beauties Take Fashion Week

At 18 years old, I had the opportunity to say I went to Fashion Week for work. Olivia, along with her incredible team, was lucky enough to be a part of the hair and makeup team for By Misha, a unique collection that had all of us drooling. I of course got to tag along and experience the chaos backstage and the glamour of the runway.

The building was in a hairspray-scented frenzy as long, lean women sat in makeup chairs, staring longingly at all the avant-garde spring looks. After slipping into my OMG! Artistry tank top, I joined the team as we strutted to our workstation donning luscious waves and professional pencil skirts. I was bouncing with excitement as I took pictures of the By Misha clothing rack, wanting to rip each Renaissance-esque article of clothing off its hangers. The collection, named Crown Jewels, was inspired by storybooks, fairy tales and royalty; each garment was even named after a queen. The collection surely stood out from the crowd, featuring purple and magenta hues mixed with luxurious gold. There was draping, pleats and bejeweled crowns – the epitome of romance. The adorable Brit Misha was rushing around, overseeing everything with her mom by her side as her equally beautiful sister applied gold nail polish to the models’ nails. I tiptoed around the station with a video camera, a point-and-shoot and my iPhone, documenting every second of my time there. I stood in awe of Olivia and her team as they weaved braids into the models’ hair for a modern yet ethereal vibe.  A few hours later, it was time for me to take my seat and prepare for my live feed.

I’m sure I bothered everyone around me, but I didn’t care. Luckily for me the stands weren’t filled and I was able to seat-hop, ensuring I was in the best possible location to lift my phone and snap photo, instantly posting them to Olivia’s Facebook feed, which automatically updated her Twitter. It was amazing: I sat tall in my seat, feeling like the fashion writer I’ve always dreamed of being. I commented on some of my favorite looks of the evening, like Minka Swimwear’s pink peplum one-piece, Lisu Vega’s dramatic head wraps and By Misha’s pleated yellow skirt paired with a gold, cropped jacket. Leaving with visions of attending New York and Paris Fashion Week, I strode back to my car with the biggest smile, ready to take on the fashion world.

Check out more By Misha Fashion Week photos on Olivia and Misha’s fan pages. Make sure to check out By Misha’s website for more collections. But here’s a sneak peak!

I would do anything for the shorts.

I was so jealous when Alexandra showed me the top she was wearing in the show. But seriously, how many girls can rock that?

I'm in love with this deep purple gown. It would make the perfect prom dress!

What a fierce pose. And how darling are these crowns?!

This is one of my favorite looks. It took all my strength not to take the skirt!

The talented Misha! It was such a joy meeting her.


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