Back to Work

After a ridiculously long break from the Internet, I’m finally back and ready to blog until my fingers cramp up. I’ve been wanting to get started for a few weeks now, but I just never knew where to start.

I thought it was about time I just dove into it, seeing as though my life is about to completely change. On Wednesday I’m moving into my dorm room at the University of Florida, where I’ll be studying journalism for the next four years. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

I graduated high school on June 4, and two weeks before that the last issue of The Lariat came out. It was bittersweet: The Lariat had been my life for the last four years, but I was so ready to leave and study at one of the top 10 journalism schools in the country.

I just want to share some of the photos of my cover story about the star of my high school, Chuka Esiobu (Leading the Way). It was my favorite issue and a major hit at school; definitely an amazing way to end the year. Check out the article as well as the photos, all taken by the amazingly talented Alexandra Levinson.

After the issue came out, I finally felt like a graduating senior. But just when I thought everything was happening quickly, things completely slowed down. Unfortunately my time at OMG! Artistry came to an end, so I really had no obligations. When it wasn’t pouring outside, I laid by the pool or hit the beach, read through all my magazines, hung out with friends and shopped for college. It’s been nice, but I’m in desperate need of a change of pace and scenery. Perfect time to be leaving!


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