School is Cool Again

Sometimes I forget I’m in school. I keep saying how I’m really taking to college life, but with two classes, a free gym and a lot of time on my hands, it’s more like summer camp.

Starting my second week, I took some time to reflect on my first week of UF courses, both of which happen to be instrumental in my journalism studies. As my high school journalism teacher just wrote me in an email, “That’s the beauty of journalism, it’s basically the study of everything. You can find a journalistic angle on any subject if you are so inclined.”

First off, I have American State and Local Government from 11:00 am – 12:15 pm. It is required for the journalism track, but I was nervous signing up. My lackluster teachers in the past had made learning history a tedious waste of time. A week in, my professor changed my mind about government. The first day he mentioned how important this course was for journalists in particular, which immediately sparked an interest. We are learning how the constitution and federalism affect our lives today, especially in the midst of a presidential race. An older man with snowy hair and an earring, he is so invested in the subject and has helped me understand the subject by emailing articles from The Daily Beast (one of my favorite news sources) and some pertaining to our state in particular. Oh, and did I mention our homework is to think?

Scene at the Signing of the Constitution of the United States by Howard Chandler Christy. Although, my professor instilled in us that this is not how it really occurred.

He also loves to bring in guest speakers, so Friday we met Richard Bondi, a Google employee and marketing fiend. He spoke about the importance of branding, from individuals trying to make a name for themselves to the success of presidential candidates’ use of social media. It made me think about The Girl With The Purple Pen and all of the exciting things I have planned.

Go on each candidate’s Facebook page and choose who you think does a better job of captivating voters. Both certainly have their pros and cons.

My online class, Introduction to Communication Studies, has so far proven helpful for my major. Not only is it fascinating, but also I’ve learned how to read people and ensure I’m properly getting my messages across, both verbally and nonverbally. Except now I’m studying all my conversations with people…it’s a bit disconcerting but oh so interesting.

As someone who desires to make a living communicating with people, Intro to Comm is the perfect class for me.

In addition to the classes themselves, dressing for school has been fun. I wear exactly what I wore in high school (sans the wedges – there’s A LOT of walking): blazers, jeans and bright shorts. I’m constantly told I’ll be hot wearing a blazer, but I love them too much to go without.

My plan was to take pictures of my first week outfits, but with no full-length mirror, I was left with awkward pictures that I prefer not to share. But there will be plenty more on college fashion tomorrow.


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