Gator Glory

A naive middle schooler commonly found in a daydream, I couldn’t wait to go to high school, where there was so much spirit that people danced on tables (High School Musical, I’m looking at you). Then I got to Cooper City High, where the students were only truly spirited on the Friday of the homecoming game. I suppose there was an inordinate amount of CCHS apparel seen daily, but that’s only because they came in the form of comfy t-shirts and sweatpants.

Life at the University of Florida is a whole other story. We’re all proud to be Gators; hundreds of students and faculty show their pride daily by donning bright orange and cobalt blue, and it’s not rare to see Albert the Alligator on a t-shirt or two.

I must have moved on from my High School Musical-fantasy days because I only own about three Gator tops, but I choose to show my spirit in other ways. May it be wearing cerulean Banana Republic shorts and accessorizing with an orange-detailed straw cross body or my newest trick: showing some scales.

With an alligator-print belt and blazer in my closet, my collection has just begun. But I’m not the only one paying homage to the alligator. The fall 2012 runways revealed an alligator obsession in both clothing and accessories from Max Mara to Fendi. Even Rachel’s Zoe’s Team has caught on, finding themselves “fixated by alligator” and promoting Mitchel Primrose’s Fall 2012 accessory collection.

Before I fell for Fendi’s exotic patterns and wild use of shag fur, I was enamored and inspired by the Armani Privé Spring 2012 Couture show. While an entire collection of green could easily go wrong, each scheme was used wonderfully and masterfully, fitting the jungle-inspired motif. Structured blazers dominated the line and were paired with equally well-fitted skirts and straight-leg pants. The gator-print and mesh-like fabric worked seamlessly together, making a fierce statement.

I guess our mascot says a lot about the school: While we can be elegant and graceful, we’re also a wild force to be reckoned with.

The Look

Photo Credit: My BFF Lena Wedeen. How pretty is this campus?!

A bit python, a bit gator. I still love it!

The battle between wearing the blazer or the belt ended when I realized just how hot it was outside.

The Inspiration

My obsession, the Armani Privé Spring 2012 Couture collection. It was difficult choosing only four photos, so check out the rest! Photo Credit:

Max Mara Fall 2012 – Structured, clean and classic. Photo Credit:

Fendi’s Fall 2012 collection is definitely more on the wild side, but how can you resist those gator leggings? Photo Credit:

Go Gators!


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