Rushing Around

Cross-legged in worn out Victoria’s Secret sweatpants and fuzzy zebra-print socks with a coffee mug by my side, I’ve set up quite the work station in Broward Hall’s fourth floor common room. If I wasn’t so exhausted, this would be a pretty cute scene.

I decided to put aside my cultural anthropology notes for a bit to illustrate my whirlwind of a week. I can’t believe it’s been so long since my last post. My fans must be going out of their minds. Just kidding. Does anyone even read this?

A week after my last post, I went home for five days where I shopped for rush (my closet is now adorned with fall-approved BCBG dresses galore), went to the dentist, got blood drawn and ran tons of errands. Thrilling, right? I really did enjoy seeing my family and friends in Cooper City, but I couldn’t hide my excitement to return to UF.

When I got to my new room, I barely said two words to my new roomie Rebecca (whom I adore!) when I had to leave for a sorority recruitment orientation. We were all warned about how insane the next week would be, especially the following day, which was from 6 am-10:30 pm. Taking advantage of the fact that the room was empty for the night, Miss OCD over here decided to completely unpack and decorate the room – until 3:30 am. I never heard my alarm (or the millions of missed calls) in the morning, so my hour-long nap turned into a four and a half hours.

I couldn’t believe it. I always set at least two alarms and make sure I’m 15 minutes early everywhere I go. After calling my Pi Chis in hysterics, I was luckily informed I could still rush, but I had to get ready in 5 minutes and already missed the first three houses. Not the best start. The rest of the week wasn’t much better as the 1,400 of us were stressed, tired, hungry, sore and blistered.

*Side note: I did love dressing up every day. I found rush-approved dresses that fit my taste: No Lily Pulitzer here! Except I came to realize I’m the worst blogger in the entire world. We were constantly rushing (no pun intended), so I kept forgetting to take pictures of myself and the people around me. Oops.

But it was all worth it in the end because I’m now a member of Alpha Epsilon Phi! I can’t say much (or anything at all, actually – AEPhi is full of secrets, most of which I don’t know of yet), but after our first meeting today, I think it’s safe to assume that this will be the best semester, four years and overall experience of my life. And the mascot, a giraffe, happens to be my favorite animal. It’s beautiful, graceful and regal, just like my new sisters. I  already love them and can’t wait for all the fun to begin.

I’m so fortunate to call these girls my sisters. I already love them! I can’t even begin to describe the feeling of running into their arms after I ripped open my bid card.

Speaking of meetings, I had four today. Yes, four. A week in and I’ve already stretched myself too thin. High school really never ends, does it?

I’ll quickly explain what’s going on: I am on the marketing, photography and writing team for the Florida Odyssey, a newsletter mostly written for the Greek community but now appeals to the entire school. I’m psyched to have my first assignment, which hopefully will be published this week. Tomorrow I am meeting Fitz Koehler to discuss the details of my internship with Fitzness International, so I’ll let you know my job responsibilities soon enough. Check out LinkedIn and connect with me. I love to keep busy more than I love to sleep – dark circles are a sign of strength in my book! After learning how much involvement is required in a sorority, I have to admit I freaked out a little. While juggling five classes, striving to put my all into the sorority, being an active part of a newspaper and holding an internship might be is insane, I’m actually excited to see how how I’ll handle it all. With more experience comes more opportunities. My dream opportunities. Plus it’s so much fun! On that note, I can’t wait for my first journalism class at 4:05 pm tomorrow. One of it’s requirements: subscribe to The New York Times! Nerd alert, nerd alert.

One grievance: There’s not enough time in the day. I haven’t even been able to exercise in well over a week, leaving me feeling sad and gross, two adjectives I don’t have time to feel. That’s why – after these notes are finished – I plan to hop into bed and wake up early to run and do yoga.

May the stress slowly melt. I hope all of you fellow freshmen are holding up and enjoying your first week.



6 thoughts on “Rushing Around

  1. You have a ton of older Phi’s down here in CC that are excited to have you as a sister. I was PC 82 and, now 30 years later, I am so happy that PC 12 has you in it. So you will have giraffes everywhere.
    Can’t wait to read all about your time as a pledge!

  2. love your blogs alyssa!! hope your loving college and aephi…itll be the best four years of your life or five for some haha mollys recruitment starts tonight….have fun!!!!

  3. I am so in love with your blogs! I know I’ve said this before but you are truly an AMAZING writer!!!! I’m so happy for you and you sound like you are having such a great time! Can’t wait to see you again soon! 🙂

  4. Before starting my blog, I googled to see if “the girl with the purple pen” was taken…sadly, it was. Enjoy college and greek life!

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